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28 janvier 2012 6 28 /01 /janvier /2012 09:16
korei djimi
The contemporary history of Chad does not forget that of everybody of us. Since 2006 we have been keeping a close eye about every Chadian political leader, particularly those who might claim any legitimate revolutionary fight in the interests of Chad and, even more generally pretending in the defence of human rights.  My Dear brother, Dr Ley Ngardingal, SG of ACTUS Party, it is your absolute right to withdraw yourself from the almost one-year life CNCD but I could not understand you either if you are still sympathetic in support of some cruel regimes over some others as that of Colonel Khadafy versus that of Idriss Deby that you pretend fighting against.
However, I welcomed very much with eagerness one of your 2008 letter denouncing the French support to Idriss Deby when he was helped by Sarkozy’s government to save his dictatorship over all people of Chad during the rebel’s raid in February 2008. Who can ignore how it is Chad of today? Why?
In addition, I confirm that, basically I had been one of those who are very critiques about the French presence of troops in Chad including this so-called “French African system” established for more than fifty (50) years without any real progress in any field in Chad. I wrote many articles against French or all western (International Community) politics in Chad because they are helping Idriss Deby to sustain all the organised crimes, corruptions, assassinations, rapes, tortures, killings, economic liquidation and so on. They all know well, hear well about all these barbarise better than you and me.
Idriss Deby, people call him “Le President de la Republique du Tchad”! It is a total shame on all those men and women who are doing so at this 21 first century to call a person as Idriss Deby, a real gangster of murders, drug dealings, laundering money, trafficking arms, paying and supporting national and international terrorism, etc.! Idriss Deby does not have any plan in the interest of Chadian people; rather he could have a more hidden and cynic plan against Chadian that will sooner or later surprise everybody. He is in the same and exact path as the famous Colonel Khadafi of Libya, Mobutu of Zaire…The only difference to me is that Khadafi, although he was killing people of Libya, he was at the same time constructing Libya. Is this a matter of color of their skin or a physical mentality of men? 
Furthermore, the situation in Chad might not need, no more, any evaluations nor intellectual analyses because proves are there as many, many as someone could imagine and the whole World is witness what is happening even right now in January 2012 in Chad, in the 1284000 km square (from MBaibokoum in the extreme South of Chad to Aouzzou in the extreme North, from El Genina in the extreme East to Daboua in the extreme West of Chad). Who is able to prove any contrary reality of life of Chadian people?
On the other hand, with all my respect to you and to all people of Chad, I would want you to allow me in order to put on a table a little difference of point of view, specifically concerning some issues as follow:
1) Concerning Colonel Khadafi’s leadership that you regret so much, let it be clear to anybody including his own family that if NATO did not start to bomb Khadafi’s forces that were massacring the Libyan people, mostly children, teenagers and mothers, I would die may be by heart attack in the next following days; it was not only what he had been doing for more than 42 years on the innocent people of Libya (burning hundreds and thousands of people alive, burying them alive, and Khadafi used any mean of human slaughtering, etc.) but because of the way he crushed without any pity the youth revolt that claimed democracy and freedom. In my mind and my heart, these very basic human rights, there is never anything like them in the World.
The first NATO bomb on Khadafi’s military forces in Benghazy, I cried with full hot tears of joy. I cannot explain any more the why of that emotion happened to me at that very extraordinary moment in my life. Since NATO helped Libyan people to finish with Khadafi’s fourty-two years cruel regime, my mind changed spontaneously against the western and I can explain this why to anybody whether or not she or he likes it.
 However, my natural feeling of taking side of NATO against Khadafi is not because I am afraid of being killed or whatever someone could translate it but in reality, in order to express fully my point of view on this change of my own previous vision, I need a physical and open debate with anybody including as you as well those who might support you in the way you are believing in; for example, you are telling us that you are fighting the dictatorships for freedom, for human rights, etc., and I do not understand you if you defend both at the same time “for and against” these values of democracy and liberty in Chad and or alike in Libya.
2) Concerning our Dear brother, Monsieur Acheik Ibn Omar; if you gave me the choice between all these Chadian so-called “leaders” of today, I would prefer him over anybody else; despite I am goran-toubou and he is arab Batha that some people of suspected intention make as if “Goran versus Arab cleavage” means an opposed ideology; no, it is not true! I adhere very much with his point of view about the future of Chad.
Today, from hundreds of people who believe to be political leaders, I admire only two men, Acheik Ibn Oumar and our Dear brother Yorongar Ngarlejy although I have some remarks in Yorongar’s vision, I wish they come to power in Chad; in all Chad, the only person I hate and will fight against without any deal until I die or he does is Idriss Deby!  Anyhow, the problem is that there is no personal matter between him and me. All his own family is my family and they are Chadian people like any other Chadian; I do never have any rancour against it nor I will one day but this man Idriss Deby must be trialed for what he did to not only one person in Chad but what he did to the whole Chad up to the people of Darfour in Sudan, people of Central Republic of Africa (RCA), etc.
My Dear brother Dr Ley, you know, may-be, Acheik Ibn Oumar better than me that he, also had been critique against French politics for long before but as myself, he certainly understood something that you may not pay attention to; that something does not mean that he or me changed our mind because of hoping power through French powers or whatever; but for myself, for example, I realized that the whole World changed and still keep changing in a very extraordinary and fast way that nobody could predict something which is more rationally or irrationally different from the present grounds.
3) Concerning your withdrawal from “CNCD”; this is your legitimate right when and how you want it. I never doubt, even one moment that what do people wish to have it done or whatever do they love may be likely different from what they are able to and how to realize it, to perform it or to achieve things. What I love or I wish would be not forcibly what I am able physically and mentally to do it. Everybody loves to be a President, everyone wish to be “milliardaire”, etc., but what is the reality exactly? Because in your letter, you evoked so many reasons why you withdraw from CNCD and many of them are concerning about the way how your counterparts were acting (?).
My Dear brother Dr Ley, make sure every single human on this Earth (black, white, yellow or red skin) could feel what is good or bad to her or to him without being in any school; and in another way, what do mean human rights to you or to me does not matter as long as we did not yet see the end of the whole human imagination.
January 27th, 2012.
Korei Djimi president of RTJ. 

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